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Review Policies

If you are interested in having Controlled Area Gaming review your game, please consider the following:

Game Type

Some games we will not have time to review. Usually this is anything that is campaign / legacy based or requires a significant amount of time to learn.

Some games we will not review because they don’t fit our audience. Most games for kids under 8 fall into this category. Dexterity games fall into this category. Party games fall into this category.

Association / Relationships with a Designer or Publisher

We want to make sure that the person writing a review has not had any additional association from the publisher, designer, or other financially interested party. This means that the reviewer will not be a Kickstarter backer of a game being reviewed.

Also, unless the game has not been released yet, the reviewer will not seek out any additional assistance / contact from the designer or publisher while writing a review. Controlled Area Gaming will refuse to complete a review if either of these are violated.

Time to Complete a Review

It usually takes us 1 month from receiving a game to complete a review. The game will be played a minimum of three times. Additional plays are up to the individual reviewer.

Game reviews are typically promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.