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Category: Random Reasonings

Why is negotiation so hard to get right in games?

I want your stuff. You want my stuff. Let’s make a deal. Seems like a perfectly obvious arena for a good board game idea. So why don’t more games have negotiation as part of their game design? Some games are explicitly about negotiation for a game component and ingrained in…

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Are your non-gamer friends intimidated by board games?

On more than one occasion, gamer friends I know have tried to introduce their significant others to gaming. In one extreme example, the spouse was exceptionally intimidated because the games seemed relatively complex and being the only one who would be unfamiliar with games like this, this person felt uncomfortable…

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Should you pay attention to game ratings?

Over the years of watching game ratings at BoardGameGeek, you start to see some trends. To put it plainly, these trends reveal not only the flaws in the rating system for BoardGameGeek users, but also illustrate flaws in Internet ratings of entertainment products in general. Some of the sources of…

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Tired Themes

The last discussion of theme prepares us to discuss something which is common in gaming: themes rise and fall in popularity, starting a trend and then dying out. What makes a theme lose its luster? Should you consider a game if it has a tired theme? At the time of this writing,…

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