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Category: Industry Interviews

Interview with David A. Lupo, Designer of Addictive Alchemy

Being a first time designer is nerve wracking. Having your project on Kickstarter is also nerve wracking. David A. Lupo (DAL) took some time away from his nerves to answer a few questions about his upcoming game, Addictive Alchemy, and his world as a designer. CAG: Where did the idea…

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Interview with Tom Jolly, Designer of Wiz-War

Controlled Area Gaming managed to persuade designer Tom Jolly (TJ) to give up a few moments to answer some questions. His decades of experience in game design has illuminated some very intriguing answers. CAG: How did the idea for Wiz-War begin? Was it a direct imaginative scenario for Dungeons &…

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Interview with Tim Puls, Designer of The Colonists

Lookout Games is presenting a new take on action selection with their upcoming game, The Colonists. A new designer, Tim Puls, sat down with Controlled Area Gaming to discuss what this new game brings to the table. CAG: How did the idea for The Colonists begin? TP: I started playing…

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Interview with Andreas Resch, Artist of Great Western Trail

Along with Alexander Pfister, Controlled Area Gaming has managed to catch up with another creative soul hard at work. Andreas Resch is in the middle of polishing the visual and graphic design for the upcoming game, Great Western Trail (GWT). He agreed to sit down and answer some questions about…

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Interview with Alexander Pfister, Designer of Great Western Trail

Some designers can claim back-to-back success in game design. Much fewer are those that are awarded the Kennerspiel des Jahres award two years in a row. Alexander Pfister (AP) is one of those designers. He took some time away from polishing his latest game, Great Western Trail, to answer a few questions from…

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Interview with David Somerville, co-designer of VAST: The Crystal Caverns

The co-designer of the asymmetric adventure-strategy game VAST: The Crystal Caverns, David Somerville (DS), is riding a wave of attention after the game’s buzz from Gen Con. Even as the game is shipping to Kickstarter backers, he took some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions from Controlled…

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