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Author: Tahsin Shamma

Review: City of Iron: Second Edition

Skyships, robots, hogmen and froglings, and octopus tentacles as resources. This isn’t your typical civilization game. Set in a fantasy-flavored steampunk world called Arzium, City of Iron tasks players with developing their home city into a grand empire. To do this, players will compete for valuable resources which are available…

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Interview with David A. Lupo, Designer of Addictive Alchemy

Being a first time designer is nerve wracking. Having your project on Kickstarter is also nerve wracking. David A. Lupo (DAL) took some time away from his nerves to answer a few questions about his upcoming game, Addictive Alchemy, and his world as a designer. CAG: Where did the idea…

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Interview with Tom Jolly, Designer of Wiz-War

Controlled Area Gaming managed to persuade designer Tom Jolly (TJ) to give up a few moments to answer some questions. His decades of experience in game design has illuminated some very intriguing answers. CAG: How did the idea for Wiz-War begin? Was it a direct imaginative scenario for Dungeons &…

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Review: Drakon

Dragon. Gold. Adventurers. Most players will get the idea for what this game is about from the start. They can’t completely know what to expect until they experience it. Setting up and learning Drakon should take five minutes. It has one of the simplest setup and instructions for play amongst tile-laying games…

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