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Why start this site?

In short, I found that most game sites on the web focus on reviews, previews, and experiential anecdotes from gaming. While this site will focus on that to a degree, we’ll will delve a little bit more to the underside and analysis with regards to the why of games, their market aspect, and trends in gaming.

I think all gamers should be able to reach a point in their gaming lives when they are comfortable that the market of games does not drive them, but rather that they are able to take knowledge gained from market analysis, a breakdown of design decisions, and understanding of common themes in gaming marketing to understand their game purchases.

A bit about me…

At the time of this writing, I’m a father to a son who loves Minecraft and, sometimes, enjoys board gaming with mom and dad. He enjoys set collection games with heavy themes and a layer of adventure. Mom, like me, enjoys Euro games that focus on either management or optimization. I particularly love games with area control and player interaction, and more recently I’ve started to show a fondness for heavy Euro games with non-traditional themes.

My gaming experience begins with 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons and the board game Dungeon!. From there my love for games went to the Milton Bradley Gamemaster series including Ikusa (called Shogun at the time), Axis & Allies, and Fortress America. When college came around I got caught up in Magic: The Gathering for a time. I returned to D&D with 3rd edition and then gradually moved into more board gaming beginning with Descent: Journeys in the Dark. In the past few years, my tastes have moved away from thematic, combat heavy games to more Euro management style games. My favorite games remain Euro-Ameritrash hybrids which meld interesting themes with Euro mechanics and some luck.

I work as a manager at a mobile development services company and really enjoy working with others to deliver software and improve the skills of the people who work for me.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the ride.