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Month: September 2016

Review: Drakon

Dragon. Gold. Adventurers. Most players will get the idea for what this game is about from the start. They can’t completely know what to expect until they experience it. Setting up and learning Drakon should take five minutes. It has one of the simplest setup and instructions for play amongst tile-laying games…

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Gaming Canon Double Feature: Wiz-War & Magic: The Gathering

Unless you’ve been stuck in a dungeon for the last 23 years, you’ve probably heard of one of the games entering the Gaming Canon with this article. Whether or not you’ve heard of the other game depends greatly on how far back your knowledge of high fantasy magic in games extends. When Dungeons…

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Interview with Tim Puls, Designer of The Colonists

Lookout Games is presenting a new take on action selection with their upcoming game, The Colonists. A new designer, Tim Puls, sat down with Controlled Area Gaming to discuss what this new game brings to the table. CAG: How did the idea for The Colonists begin? TP: I started playing…

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