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Month: September 2016

Why is negotiation so hard to get right in games?

I want your stuff. You want my stuff. Let’s make a deal. Seems like a perfectly obvious arena for a good board game idea. So why don’t more games have negotiation as part of their game design? Some games are explicitly about negotiation for a game component and ingrained in…

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Review: City of Iron: Second Edition

Skyships, robots, hogmen and froglings, and octopus tentacles as resources. This isn’t your typical civilization game. Set in a fantasy-flavored steampunk world called Arzium, City of Iron tasks players with developing their home city into a grand empire. To do this, players will compete for valuable resources which are available…

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Interview with David A. Lupo, Designer of Addictive Alchemy

Being a first time designer is nerve wracking. Having your project on Kickstarter is also nerve wracking. David A. Lupo (DAL) took some time away from his nerves to answer a few questions about his upcoming game, Addictive Alchemy, and his world as a designer. CAG: Where did the idea…

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Interview with Tom Jolly, Designer of Wiz-War

Controlled Area Gaming managed to persuade designer Tom Jolly (TJ) to give up a few moments to answer some questions. His decades of experience in game design has illuminated some very intriguing answers. CAG: How did the idea for Wiz-War begin? Was it a direct imaginative scenario for Dungeons &…

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