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Month: August 2016

Why Games Work: Tammany Hall, Cosmic Encounter, Chinatown

Some games test our skills at evaluating the abstract movement of playing pieces on a board. Some games judge a player’s ability to calculate a winning move mathematically. The art of haggling is something that few games tackle. Even fewer do them well. Knowing how a game makes negotiation enjoyable…

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Are your non-gamer friends intimidated by board games?

On more than one occasion, gamer friends I know have tried to introduce their significant others to gaming. In one extreme example, the spouse was exceptionally intimidated because the games seemed relatively complex and being the only one who would be unfamiliar with games like this, this person felt uncomfortable…

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Interview with Andreas Resch, Artist of Great Western Trail

Along with Alexander Pfister, Controlled Area Gaming has managed to catch up with another creative soul hard at work. Andreas Resch is in the middle of polishing the visual and graphic design for the upcoming game, Great Western Trail (GWT). He agreed to sit down and answer some questions about…

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Review: Barony

Life in the Middle Ages was hard. Plague, war, and complete fealty to sovereign lords were the name of the game. The name of this game is moving  wooden pieces around a kingdom. The immediate thing noticeable upon opening Barony is the sheer number of pieces the game provides. Knights, cities, villages,…

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Interview with Alexander Pfister, Designer of Great Western Trail

Some designers can claim back-to-back success in game design. Much fewer are those that are awarded the Kennerspiel des Jahres award two years in a row. Alexander Pfister (AP) is one of those designers. He took some time away from polishing his latest game, Great Western Trail, to answer a few questions from…

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